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  We are offering professional  full Car Electronics diagnostics and any electrical repair. When your dashboard start flashing or you think that there is something wrong with your car electronics or AV system just call us or use contact Us form . 

Stop little problems becoming big ones.

I can scan just a single module or all of your car's control modules and read any fault code or codes recorded in your ECU, you get an experienced based diagnosis as well as the fault codes themselves. The MOT rules are changing, the intention of VOSA is to implement the "warning light" MOT failure regulations that were due to be implemented in January 2012, they were suspended due to problems with the legislation but VOSA do intend to implement these regulations, what this means to you is if you have one of the specified warning lights illuminated on your dash like say the "ABS" warning your car will fail it's MOT!

I can clear any codes and reset any electronic flags recorded in your car or vans computer memory!

Dependent on the model / year of your car or van, I can carry out many other tasks, including coding of replacement units just tell us 

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Mon - Fri: 9am-6pm 

(after call or email appointment)

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